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Suklaatila chocolates are made for the love of handiwork. Our company is family-owned and operates in small Finnish Farm in the countryside of Ylöjärvi City, Finland. Our production is based on small-scale, non-industrial manufacturing.


Heinähommissa 1976New inhabitants arrived at the Suojärvi croft a century ago, when Aleksi Ananias Järvenpää returned from America and settled down in Ylöjärvi with his family to cultivate the land. Since then, over generations, hardworking ladies ja masters of the house have run the farm along the freigters’ old route. They had reforming zeal and courage to work independently in a changing world.

Now, the fourth generation family farm cultivates fields and manages the forest – and manufactures seductive chocolate.


Suklaatila products

SarkapalatkonvehditThe light summers of the north allow an abundant crop of berries to ripen. Now you can enjoy them together with a beloved velvety delicacy: chocolate. Suklaatila’s set of berry-flavoured chocolate bars contains four Finnish dried berries: blueberries, lingonberries, blackcurrants and sea buckthorn. The natural flavours of these berries smoothly complement the high-quality chocolate.

From many of our other products too you can taste the Finnish countryside with clean and beautifull nature because of northern ingredients that are used in chocolates. For example chili, hamp, carrot, kama and thyme in our chocolates come directly from small Finnish farmers.


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